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Notos Department Stores with a new visual brand identity

At Notos Department Stores, we have renewed our overall corporate identity and communication, ushering in a new era for the brand. Keeping the best elements of our heritage and in the same time taking a big leap into the future, we combine vision and history with the new reality and the new brand experience.

Our logo has a refreshed visual display. The new typography logo is printed in a minimal form, keeping the daisy with which it is inextricably linked but in a renewed & now modern form.

In the same time, within the framework of the new corporate identity, accompanying visuals are created which are displayed inside the department stores, on & in all department store communication. Their goal, through their distinctive shapes and colors, is to strengthen the feeling of familiarity and loyalty of consumers with department stores, through a modern capacity and style.

"The notos brand is a historic brand that has played a decisive role in Greek commerce since 2000. However, as everything, the retail space is changing and we felt the need to redefine department stores, to introduce them from the beginning to younger consumers , staying true to our core values. Our new corporate identity is the natural evolution of the previous one, reflecting our contemporary perspective and the path to the future.

Our new logo embraces our heritage and forms the bridge between the past and the future, strengthening our relationship with our customers and bringing a renewed feel to our department stores", says Ms. Valeria Taranto, CEO of Department Stores.

The new corporate identity is applied to the entire range of communication, through which notos department stores reveal the new look & feel, the expanded brand & style portfolio and the overall modern shopping experience that consumers will have in physical department stores & notos .gr.

"Focusing on the values ​​and vision represented by the most historic retail brand, the new corporate identity and communication renews and redefines the connection of the notos brand with the modern consumer. We are creating a new dynamic in an evolving market, aiming to maintain loyalty but also to attract new audiences through an extensive set of changes and applications that highlight the competitive advantages of the brand and create a renewed value proposition", says Ms. Zoe Pitharoulis, Marketing Director of Department Stores.


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