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notos Department Stores

Our history

notos department stores are part of notoscom group, one of the largest commercial groups in Greece. notos department stores are closely related to history and long experience as they operate for more than a century. Having successfully invest and built on consumers’ trust through the decades, notos department stores can respond to their needs and decisively follow the aesthetic and the trends of the new era.


notos department stores are evolving dynamically with physical presence in 4 major cities: Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Kalamata, with a total of 580 employees.

In highly competitive times, notos department stores have succeeded to meet the needs of the most demanding consumer, providing simultaneously excellent service and high quality products.

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notos department stores, having taken into consideration the needs of the consumer, are able to establish a new era in online shopping., the 1st e-department store of the Greek market, was launched in June 2017. featuring the same product mix as notos physical department stores and has already earned a significant share in the Greek digital market which continuously grows.

The digital store provides “easy” navigation and access to some of the most luxury and favored brands. New product categories and brands are enriched daily in order to cover the constantly increasing needs of today’s consumer, offering the ultimate family shopping experience!

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