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This year, Narciso Rodriguez completes 20 years since the creation of for her, a fragrance with timeless charm.

Instantly recognizable and completely incomparable, for her has become the ultimate classic fragrance, a legend in the world of perfumery.

Designed by Narciso Rodriguez as a tribute to women's grace and elegance, it tells a story of eternal femininity that endures and evolves.

It remains as intensely relevant today as it was 20 years ago, when its creation forever changed the landscape of modern perfumery.

For her is a creation born from the passion and vision of a designer with a unique aesthetic for timeless elegance as Narciso Rodriguez is known for his architectural yet feminine style.

The creation of for her eau de toilette, not only marked the emergence of a modern classic perfume but became the seed from which an entire collection grew.

Each fragrance in the for her collection focuses on a unique expression of the exquisite heart of musc and highlights a different aspect of the for her woman.

Since the creation of his first perfume 20 years ago, Narciso Rodriguez's goal has been to reveal and enhance the inner beauty of every woman.

This year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of for her fragrances, the house unveils a new fragrance in this timeless love story: for her forever.

An ode to the iconic for her collection, for her forever continues the legacy of narciso rodriguez musc, with a bright new interpretation of this unparalleled olfactory signature.


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