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New Lacoste pop-up Store - Golden Hall

LACOSTE created a small world of creativity and inspiration incorporating the energy of the iconic polo with the dynamism of athleisure style in the heart of Golden Hall. Freedom of spirit and movement, creativity, elegance and endurance - the core values of René Lacoste are now in line with those of the most inspiring personalities today.

The fresh pop-up store is the starting point of a new creative period where the timeless meets the modern style to the most inspirational brand in fashion-sport.

The preparations of the renovation of the Lacoste store in Golden Hall are at a feverish pace, expecting to welcome the public to the brand new concept of "Le Club Evo" – the Lacoste crocodile in neon lighting, mirror aesthetics and always in authentic green tones, continues to inspire and suggest new fashion trends.

Iconic polos, colorful t-shirts, hoodies, fashionable sneakers, hats, backpacks and other accessories that highlight every style are waiting pop-up visitors to discover them. Fresh styling crafted from even higher quality materials, including sports technologies ensuring greater comfort and durability, and eco-friendly collections, are just some of the reasons that make the new collection even more unique.

In the collection is also included the new season collaboration Lacoste X Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the '90s worldwide, loved by gamers everywhere of all ages. Gaming enthusiasts, as well as those who love the game and want to stand out, have one more reason to visit the pop-up store.

The Crocodile will be at the pop-up store to welcome the Golden Hall audience until April 9th. Elegance, energy, modern style signal the existence #CrocodileInside.


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