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GANT and Enaleia cleanup the Mediterranean

GANT in Greece announces its cooperation with the non-profit social enterprise Enaleia, via the sustainability project “Mediterranean Cleanup”. MC contributes both to the clean-up and the management of marine litter by collecting, recycling and upcycling plastic material - creating new recyclable products.

The initiative will be implemented, with the contribution of 10 fishing boats, in the area of Dodecanese and more specifically in the islands of Astypalaia and Kalymnos. The aim of the project is the collection of 10 tons of plastic and fishing equipment during 2022.

Enaleia in cooperation with certified organizations, collects marine plastic that is integrated into the circular economy model, either through recycling or through upcycling with the form of new, sustainable products and raw materials. This joined activation is an inclusive sustainability project which incorporates the whole plastic management chain, from cradle to grave. This way the amount of plastic and CO2 emissions produced to create new products are significantly reduced.

GANT with more than 70 years of presence in the fashion industry, turns its motto “Never stop learning” into action by continuously evolving based on societal and consumer expectations. GANT’s initiative in Greece is aligned with the global sustainability strategy by 2030, which supports global partnerships to drive action and long term impact, while encouraging local water collaborations and activations.

Plastic pollution is a global environmental issue where our personal contribution can make a difference. That’s why GANT with the belief that “The ocean’s business is everyone’s business”, invites us to follow its 2022 “journey” and be part of the change.

Visit to learn more about GANT’s sustainability activities.

Stay tuned for campaign’s updates!


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