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AQUA ALLEGORIA FLORABLOOM - The new bouquet of flowers

It is with great excitement that we present to you the new dynamic addition to the best-selling AQUA ALLEGORIA fragrance range of Guerlain, with the full-flowered FLORABLOOM.

Inspired by the rare, natural phenomenon “SUPERBLOOM”, which occurs in deserts such as Chile's Atacama Desert, this fragrance embodies the color, vibrancy and power of nature and flowers after periods of heavy rainfall.

Both fragrances, Eau de Toilette & Eau de Parfum Forte celebrate the beauty of Nature at two different times of the day. The Eau de Toilette conveys the intense colors of flowers when the sun is at the top of the sky and radiates, while the Eau de Parfum embodies the magic of colors when the sun begins its slow journey towards dusk.

Tuberose, at the heart of the fragrance, was the main inspiration for the composition of the perfume by perfumer Delphine Jel. Next to tuberose, notes of rose, iris and violet bloom proudly, while at the base notes of moss, musk, coconut and sandalwood unfold. At the top, for the Eau de Toilette, the notes of bergamot, mandarin and mango leave their fruity imprint, while in the Eau de Parfum Forte, next to the mandarin and mango, the almond notes emerge.

Both Florabloom Eau de Toilette and Forte are also available in 200 ml refills, they are created with over 90% ingredients of natural origin and made from 15% recycled glass, symbolizing the House's long-standing commitment to the environment.


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