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Lacoste Celebrates 90 Years of Authenticity and Creativity

In an era where fashion and creativity coexist more strongly than ever, Lacoste celebrates its 90th Anniversary with an impressive campaign that pushes the boundaries of the conventional. Under the slogan "This is Lacoste – 90 years unapologetically yourself", the campaign focuses on authenticity and individual expression, connecting classic elegance with contemporary art and culture.

Lacoste, a name synonymous with style and elegance, highlights its story through an interactive experience that includes social media, short films and installations. Each element of the campaign is carefully designed to present the brand's identity as a symbol of creativity and personal expression.

Through the campaign's stars - Mente Fuete, Panos Tzellos, Nefeli Theodotou, Ksenia Dania, and Sotiris Bougas - Lacoste explores various art forms, such as music, design, dance, theater and photography, showing how fashion can become a canvas for self-expression. Each protagonist conveys an empowering, provocative message.

Lacoste, through this campaign, not only invites us to celebrate 90 years of the brand, but also to embrace a philosophy of life, where authenticity and personal expression are the main elements.

"This is Lacoste – 90 years unapologetically yourself" isn't just a slogan; it's a promise for a future where fashion and creativity continue to come together, inspiring and celebrating individual uniqueness at every turn.

The production is signed by Bezier Animation Studio, directed by Michalis Gigintis and written by Andy Chatzakis.




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